Roaring 40s Surf Event 1998



Organised by David Storck, Rochie and others.

The Roaring 40s is a social event and surf contest for surf enthusiasts aged 40 plus.

Held at Piha Beach, Waitakere. This event has continued yearly, and now due to its popularity, is limited to 90 entries. Always a favourite weekend in Piha surfers and their families return for this great fun event.

One of the more popular parts is the Fancy Dress heat. See Elvis, Darth Vader, Tradies, The Wizard, and more tackle the ditch to win a prize.

Weather and surf can be a challenge but more surfers arrive to qualify for entry.

Standouts include, Mike Jolly, Blair Tanahill, Pete Morse, Abe Pascal, Clive Brown, Clive Barren, Paul Hogan, Craig McDonald, Paul Anderson, Mr Shanahan, Mr McCulloch.

And first place !!!!!! David Storck. Look out for the last word from Rafi.

Running time 45mins


Roaring 40s Surf Event 1999


Same surfers same venue and the catch phrase ARE YOU OLD ENOUGH.

The Roaring 40s social event and surf contest is on again. Held in Piha Beach, NZ surfers and their families return for this great fun event.

This year the Fancy Dress heat includes Phamtom of the opera, A juggling clown, water safety man, prizoner, fairys, businessman,dirty old man and a baby all out to win a prize.

Weather and surf is a challenge with bigger swells. Blair Tanahill takes bribes judging the Sandcastle competition. Saturday night and the party is on. Stu and Danny are on the guitars, Roachie tells stories late in the night.

Standouts include, Mike Jollys coffin ride , Blair Tanahill noseride fall , Abe Pascal best noseride, Gary Bowdens cutback,Wayne Glovers tube ride and as always the Piha locals in good form.

Newby Graham Bambury from Hawaii gets a couple of placings, And overall winner Abe Pascal. Look out for the last word from Rafi AGAIN.

The waves make us one with the ocean.......but I plan to drop in on Mike Jolly next year.

Running time 52mins 


Roaring 40s Surf Event 2000


The new millenium and we start with a song from Rafi. Steve Davis is again in great form and the catch phrase this year is....Right O .

The venue is North Piha and the surf is pumping with blue skies overhead . Lots of new faces this year and everyone is stoked to be here.

The standard of surfing is raised and the locals are pushed to keep their placings. Saturday night and there`s surf stories told for a prize, won by Jonnette Mead.

Dannys on the guitar again and blazing with his version of Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac. Sunday and the surf is rising, women's heats, tandem surfing and the fancy dress take place before the finals.

Locals are holding their own but newcomer Brian Clarke is in the mix. Along with fellow American Kip Jerger.

Judges see surfing pushed to the wire and who comes out with the main Trophy ? David Storck.

A bit of cheek for the end title.

Last word by a very stoked and humble Blair Tannahill.

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Roaring 40s Surf Event 2001

2001 A Roaring 40s Surf Odyssey.

This year the surf is pumping smaller clean with offshores. Local surfers Mike jolly & Paul Hogan give the surf report and its looking good with more of the same tomorrow.

Rafi has another song, the silvers surfers show time. New faces include Gary Pike, Tim walker, Mike Newdick and South Islanders Steven Teague and Greg Page. 99 surfers have entered and the standard of surfing is pushed higher.

Saturday night and its story time again. David Storck on the Severn Bore wins the show. Sunday and the surf is flat to waist height and off shore. Longboarders and over fiftys revel in the clean conditions.

Women's heats,tandem surfing are next with the rain and smaller surf. The finals and locals are holding their own but newcomer Brian Clarke is in the mix.

Last heat and its the fancy dress. Here we see a Shark,Elvis,Roman soldier,Samurai Warrior,Austin Powers, Cricket player, Neptune, and two clowns amongst others.

Winners include Abe Pascal and Sarah Nicholson,and Greg Page but the main Trophy and final placings in both shortboard and longboard ? Brian Clarke from California.

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Roaring 40s Surf Event 2004

2004 and the Roaring 40s continues in popularity.

Surf conditions are bigger and a little messy, but still contestable.Surfers have entered from as far away as Queensland and Hawaii. and the standard of surfing is pushed higher.

Locals Paul Hogan, David storck, Winston Pond, and the crew surf well, other standouts are Mike Newdick and Hamish Divet . Longboarders and over fiftys are showing good form in the bigger surf.

Womens heats,tandem surfing are run in the ditch. The finals and locals are holding their own but newcomer Darren Cox is in the mix.

The fancy dress event sees some very unusual characters.With the winner being Golam. The Kneeboard winner Paul Anderson, and Pauline Pullman takes out the womens event,

Over fifties is a close fought battle between Murray Bray and winner from Hawaii Graham Bambury.

Abe Pascal is 2nd to Wayne Glover in the over fifties longboards. Mark Hare wins over fifties shortboard. Mike Newdick claims the longboard prize and shortboard goes to Darren Cox.

Lastly overall winner, judged by his peers, Mike Jolly wins a longboard.

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